Abbreviations seen in PharmPK Messages

Abbreviation Decoded
AUCArea under the Curve (usually concentration versus time)
AUECArea under the Effect versus time Curve
AUMCArea under the first moment curve (often Concentration x time versus time)
BCRPBreast cancer resistance protein
BCSBiopharmaceutics Classification System (FDA)
BLQBelow limit of quantitation
CDERCenter for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA)
CVCoefficient of variation
DESIDrug efficacy study implementation
DDIDrug Drug Interaction
EUEuropean Union
FAformic acid
FDAU.S. Food and Drug Administration
FIHFirst in Human
IBEIndividual Bioequivalence
ICP-MSInductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
ISRAIncurred Sample Reanalysis
IVIVCIn-vitro In-vivo correlation
LBALigand binding assay
LLELiquid-Liquid Extraction
LLODLower limit of detection
LLOQLower limit of quantification
MDVMissing Dependent Variable (Nonmem)
MRMMultiple reaction monitoring parent and daughter transitions
NBENew Biologic Entity
NCENew Chemical Entity
NSBNon specific binding
PBProtein binding
PBEPopulation Bioequivalence
PILPatient Information Leaflet/Package Leaflet
PMPreventive maintenance
RLDReference listed drug
SABEScaled Average Bioequivalence
SDStandard deviation
SmPCSummary of Product characteristics
TDMTherapeutic drug monitoring
UIRUnit impulse response

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