Set Password

This allows you to login and set message options.

Go to the listserv front page at and click on the link.

password first step

On the next page click "Get Password"

password step 2

Enter your email and desired password

password step 3

This will result in an email from the LISTSERV to the email address you entered (your email address) with further instructions.

password step 4

Success will look like this.

password step 5

Set Message Options

Such as adding [PharmPK] to the message subject line or choosing digest or single message.

Go to the listserv front page at and click on "Login Required".

option step 1

Enter your email address and password. Click on "Log In"

option step 2

Click on "Subscriber's Corner" - top left

option step 3

You probably have only one list (between the blue bars) so choose "PHARMPK [Setting]"

option step 4

Choose "LISTSERV-styel..." if you want to add [PHARMPK] to the subject line of your messages.

option step 5

Choose "Receive copy of..." to receive a copy of your own messages.

option step 6

Don't forget to "Update Options" if you amke any changes.

option step 7

Any more questions? Email me at David Bourne, PharmPK moderator.